Drum courses for kids

Minis drum-fun course for ages 3-5

30-45 minutes of drums,and joy for little kids. Working with the kids during playing on motoric skills,rhythm and group working with drumming, singing,dancing and most importent enjoying music.

Drum course for kids 6-10 years old

Kids are full of energy.
At this course we learn to transfer this energy to music and rhythm during working on motoric skills.
we learn in a fun way to handle the drum and basic playing technique.
Exploring the elementary principles of drum rhythms and catchy melodies in different languages from different cultures.

Each course is 5 or 8 meetings of 60 minutes.

Drum course for teenagers 12-18 years old

According to the Bamana people in Mali, the name of the djembe comes directly from the saying...
"Anke Dje, anke bè" >> "everyone gather together in peace"

It defines the drum's purpose and the workshop purpose.
Beside learning different rhythms we will learn playing together with more drums or actually talking to other drums-communication. Can fit to beginners and advanced players.

Each course is 5 or 8 meetings of 60 minutes.

Dates for the next courses:

At the moment there are no fix courses but if you are minimum 10 kids and available location(for example:school,Kindergarten or similar) we can open a new group.

our special offers for children courses:
Minis courses-ages 3-5
5x30 minutes course with 15 kids(+2 kids) 35€ per kid+2 kids free
5x30 minutes course with 20 kids(+2 kids) 30€ per kid+2 kids free

Children courses-ages 6-10
5x60 minutes course with 10-14 kids 65€ per child
5x60 minutes course with 15-17 kids 60€ per kid+1 free
5x60 minutes course with 20 kids 50€ per kid+2 free

both groups on same day and same location?then it get even better
10 kids for each group- minis course 30€/kid, children course 60€/kid
15 kids for each group- minis course 25€/kid, children course 55€/kid
20 kids for each group- minis course 20€/kid, children course 45€/kid(can be divided for 2 groups of 10 kids)
available days for new courses are mondays/tuesdays mornings or afternoon

Contact Us to Create your own cours at your house/buisnes/school or any other location

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