Drum Courses for adults

Joy of music and rhythm

The joy of music and rhythm is deeply rooted in every human being,

here we will find access to it. No one can escape the magical power of the thrilling rhythms- this effect becomes even more when you play the drum in a group.

The drum gives everyone in a short time the possibility to deal with music, to explore their creativity and bring it to a personal musical expression. Drumming is not used only for rituals ,also for the body conscious. It promotes self-confidence for children and adults. It increases self-esteem and has a special pedagogically worth.

For people with special needs the drums are providing the opportunity of multisensory experiences of movement, sound and rhythm, and therefore passable ways in a wide world of experience. Drumming trains motor skills and coordination of movement. It promotes concentration and memory skills.

And most important it gives us much JOY and FUN !

Each course is 5 or 8 meetings of 60 minutes .

Dates for the next courses:

At the moment there are no fix courses but if you are minimum 8 people and have an available location(for example:school,Kindergarten,at your house or similar) we can open a new group.
5x60 minutes course with 8 people- 80€ per Person- 1 person free
5x60 minutes course with 10 people- 70€ per person- 1 Person free
5x60 minutes course with 15 people- 60€ per person- 1 Person free
5x60 minutes course with 20 people - 55€ per person- 1 Person free
available days for new courses are mondays/tuesdays

Link to Childrens drums courses

Contact Us to Create your own cours at your house/buisnes/school or any other location

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