Drums on Fire-Fire shows for your special event.

We know that every event needs to stand out and be remembered.
That’s why we developed for you a unique entertainment options with fire.
We help your event set the night on fire with a variety of performance delivery options ranging from *solo, duo or group Stage Shows to different walking acts to welcome your guests.

*solo show are available only for private events with max. 120 guests.


Wedding fire show

Romantic highlight for your wedding. Let us make your special day even more breathtaking and unforgettable! our wedding shows are trying to present the life through the fire...laughing, excitements, love and all what comes between special part for wedding shows: the end of the show is created by wedding couple lighning the big fire heart to keep their love fire burning for many years. For this purpose, an individual piece of music can be selected.

1-3 artists
length: 12-15 min



Let us take you into the mystical world of fire.
As soon as the sun goes down the shadows start to dance with the music and invite the fire to light the dark. the mystical flames dance with modern flow art and impressing fire effects with unique hand made costumes, will make your event an unforgettable one.
The performances of "drums on fire" touch the audience in all senses.

2-5 artists
length: 15-18 min



The flame game is show with various arts such as fire clown, light show, magic, big effects, flow art etc. in which the actors deal with a "measure of strength". Which flame is stronger, which spark flies higher, which glow is more captivating? all those leading to merge together to one big flame.

2-4 artists
length: 15 min


Dancing Flames

As the lights dim with music the fire dancers take the audience to another dimension. with an amazing thrilling fire flames dancing to the beat of the sound we will make your event unforgettable and leave your guests breathless with fire in the eyes. we perform with a variety of fire dancing equipment like fire umbrella,flower stick,poi,staff, double staff,dragon staff,snakes,fire clowns and more.

2-4 artists
length: 15 min


Interactive Drums on Fire Show

Freestyle Fire Show and Interactive Djembe Jam Session with your guests. Ideal for company / club evening or birthday parties, 10 drums are provided by us. The drum rhythm invites us all to sit in the circle of drums and then the fun begins! The air filled with exotic sounds, hands do not stop drumming, the body moves by itself and the mouth sings along. An incredible experience that appeals to all crowds .

3-8 artists
length: 30 min

Video: Drums On Fire-Interaktive show-Firmenfeier


Fire walking-acts

Want to surprise your guests with a warm welcome? From solo fire performer to multiple performers, a fire welcome will impress your guests from the moment they arrive and our fire clowns,shaman,fairy and or our giant juggler will make sure that it will be a welcome with a big smile.
Can be used to prelude full show later in the evening or can be an independent act.

1-5 artists

Special effects

Possible to add to each of our shows
Burning heart(for weddings)
Burning numbers or similar( 50 birthday/100 jahre jubilee)
unforgatable final with special tools (not for solo shows)
Pyrostab/Pyropoi(T1 stage pyrotechnik) and more

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